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Articulate, Eloquent, Ethical and Extremely Knowledgeable Family Lawyer - Best Decision I Ever Made

At the end of my tether, after a very unhappy marriage of long duration, I finally took the almighty step of initiating divorce. This was by far the most frightening decision of my life. Intimidated and terrified of the California divorce process, and what the final outcome would be, I found myself at Ms. Oxley's door. Her calm demeanor, experience, vast knowledge of family law, and genuine care for her client's needs are unrivaled. Ms. Oxley is communicative and very responsive to clients' needs, explaining procedures and expected outcomes in simple layman's terms. Obviously highly regarded by her peers, Ms. Oxley's presence in the Court Room is strong, yet respectful. She is well prepared and naturally equipped with a memory like an elephant! Professionalism and ethics are high on the list of attributes Ms. Oxley displays, yet she maintains a deep understanding and empathetic approach to clients' particular problems. Ms. Oxley guided me through the maze of forms, documents and procedures, simplifying and advising. My divorce was traumatic. It culminated in a trial, which took a full day and a half. Ms. Oxley easily and calmly navigated the entire trial using the new Teams conference call format. Ms. Oxley changed my life for the better; counselling me through some of the darkest days of my life. I cannot speak highly enough of her, not only as a first rate lawyer, but also as one of the most decent and kindest human beings you will ever meet in this life.

- Alison G.

Denise had our back

My family encountered one of the most difficult situations of our lives when my son's girlfriend decided to take the kids away from their father and our entire family. We are a very close family so this affected us all. My son hired Denise Oxley to represent him in family court and that was the beginning of our healing process. Denise is very personal, a great professional and very knowledgeable. She was very interested in helping my son and I could tell that she really cares. Thanks to Denise, my son now has close to 40% of custody after just having one weekend a month I feel very lucky to have Denise on our side.

- Ana

Best of the Best!!!!!

A very highly respected individual first and foremost. As a lawyer, well...her opponent's fear her in a court of law due to her knowledge base, experience, diligence, and most of all commitment. A colleague once said, "I want to introduce you to Denise Oxley. You need her because she is in it for the long haul." At some time in our lives we all have to sit in the defendants/plaintiffs chair. Denise Oxley will give you strong representation. Remember, knowledgeable, experienced, diligence, committed. Stellar qualities dealing with sensitive lives!

- T. L. Holman

Excellent Attorney

I am very grateful to Denise Oxley for her help in resolving a very difficult family law situation. She was very professional and knowledgeable. She listened to all of my concerns and always found a successful outcome to the proceedings. Her correspondence and responses were timely and focused on the problem. I always felt prepared to stand in the court room and face the Judge’s decision. Thank you, Denise, for your help. I highly recommend her.

- Lana

Excellent Attorney

I would give 10 stars to Ms. Oxley if I could. I was on a nasty two and a half years divorce process. I was trying to take care of it on my own. I spoke to few lawyers before Ms. Oxley and I honestly lost all hope. My friend recommended Ms. Oxley. The way she explained the law and process was simple and straight to the point. Ms. Oxley took over my case not only because it was business but also because she saw how screwed I was and wanted to help. Ms. Oxley was firm, fair and did not sugar coat anything. If I was right she would back me up 100% but if I was wrong she would correct me in a heart beat. In a matter of 4 months my divorse was completed. Thank you Denise for all your hard work and dedication.

- Jorge A.

Awesome Fighter!!

After making a research on family lawyers, I found Mrs. Oxley, and was on the top of the list with 5 stars and great reviews. I did not disappoint making the top choice and higher stars selection. After the first visit, Mrs. Oxley review my profile and request, the same day she expressed that my concerns and request are valid and that we should proceed with together to achieve the rights as a father. I agreed, shortly after, Mrs. Oxley and Mrs. Yolanda to form a complete team to achieve all the goals set on the table. We started with mediation, opposition party denies all the rights at mediation, went to Los Angeles County court after mediation visits failed, and going with a strong character, well prepared lawyer it make a huge difference, It took just the first visit to start achieving all the custody rights and visitation rights. At the end Mrs. Oxley requested that the other party should pay for my attorneys fees and it was granted as well at the second visit. WoW!!, it just such of a great job knowing that life is so hard at times and here is Mrs. Oxley to return my smile and happiness.... It does not matter what time and what day of the week was, she was always working for us, I received calls from her at all times to ensure we were well prepared for our battles and it showed!! At all times that she was well prepared to counterfeit our opposition party. I also I refer Mrs. Oxley to one of best friends and in a short period of time, victory was achieved as well. I can not expressed how much I appreciate the job well done by her team. It was an amazing journey, and now I live a happy life spending quality time with the children.

- Christian